2 creative parents !



When I was growing up ,I never really appreciated the fact that both my parents were so creative each in their own arena .

My mom loved to sew… especially taking a pattern and bring it to life.

My dad loved auto body work… With me being in the military I wasn’t around much from a very young age . so i missed out alot on what they both created.

Even in the military, every possible moment I could I had a camera in my hand,always trying to make something happen.

Here it is now 2018…And i approach my 59th birthday..Creating is at the forefront of my life. The blessing is that it’s not just about money anymore. It more about pleasing my heart !

As i was telling a young man this morning.With the current world there are so many ways to get paid.

I say that , in the  if you are stuck trying to get started doing what you love to do. Stop worrying  about money.. Start listening to what your heart is trying to share with you !

You have hung up your uniform.Go fishing !


This morning ..I’m thinking about my brothers and sisters who gave up their early years serving their country .

The military programs you with a different mentality. But in the same breath the programing teaches you crazy skills .

I want to ask you this morning, regardless of when you retired or became discharged . When was the last time you went fishing ?  When was the last time you turned off your phone. And just went for a walk ?

Now that you have retired, what were some of the passions that you found out about yourself while you were in the uniform ?  What are do doing about/with those passions?

Having spent 20 plus years in a uniform, retiring at 40 or older. Brother & Sister your clock is ticking…What are you doing with those ticks ?

Find that thing that you enjoyed while you had other military commitments.That stopped you from commiting to whatever  that was . Start researching/ chasing it now while you have time !

My Creative World 

Creatives getting some form of compensation !


Evening all !!

As a creative person I love using my photography to  promote the event as well as myself.  Its 2018 a  creative person does not have to be given cash as the only means of compensation .

This year I’m getting selfish. I still will help people when I can, that’s what I love to do.  But if your situation /event shows me no benefit  to my mission . We won’t be doing anything together.

Let’s face it, there will always be photographers who give away their images . Until they realise or ask the question.. What are you doing for me ? Credit for the images… that won’t do it .

Photographers the last time you went and spent your valuable time on a sideline. Where you checking out the logos of the sponsors that were on the player’s kit.  Most of them have websites and or possible wall space ,for you to donate some of your imagery !

And local newspapers are the worst. Sure give us your quality images we will give you a credit line.  Photographers you need to do your homework.

How much is their readership increasing because of the quality images that your providing them !!

All I’m saying creatives . Make sure that the person across the table from you using your product. Is doing something to help you get more leads, more instagrams views more phone app shares !

Blessed to be on a sideline !


Sometimes it takes another person’s perspective to make one appreciate something !

This morning on Motivated I was listening to a young man. Inky Johnson. This was the first time I had heard from him.

His story touched me. All his life he had planned to go to the NFL to help his family .

8 games out from the draft, he got hurt … a dream ending kind of injury.

As i sat there listening how he dealt with it. I was awestruck. Simply put God had a different plan for him.

I was gifted to have played sports while I was in high school. The NFL was never my dream.

But having said that… I have had access to sports events over 40 yrs as a Sports photographer. That realization hit me right between the shoulder blades .

I have always been looking at what I thought was my purpose,when all the while God was putting me where he wanted me to be .

Now that clarity has shown , me what I had not been seeing . Its time to go on offense and work the platform that I have been given …

Its a new day !!! Thank You Lord… Thank you Mr Johnson !

A young man’s dream coming true!



I’m not a guy who watches alot of tv. Id rather be doing something productive , Tonight I decided to watch the #VoiceUK .

As usual the standard of singers was very high . But what impressed me was a young man from Barbados !

Let me just say, that he caught a plane just today to be on tonight’s episode of the Voice .

He was a young man… 26 yrs old. Who’s only love was to one day be a singer. He started singing and you could tell straight away , that he was indeed a young man that loved to sing .

In typical Will iam style… he waited until just about the end of the song to turn around. The younger singer went on to tell the audience where he was from and what made him come on the voice.

He simply said that he had caught a plane that morning from Barbados to to get a chance to on the Voice.

I know this happens all the time on the Voice. But I just totally respect the young man’s love for his passion. And what he knew in his heart that he wanted to do !

God is so Good !!! Young man it’s your turn ,to let the world know what you and Will iam can collaborate and come up with .

Young Sir the best of God’s grace to you !!


If you have a dream…You need to SOAR..


I received my copy of SOAR by Bishop TD Jakes yesterday. I started reading it right then and there .

If you have a dream that you want to take to another level,regardless of what you think that level maybe or will become .

Get a copy of the book, so you can use it as your blue print while you set your dream into motion !


You have to take off from somewhere !


40 yr old males What are you giving back !


Morning All !

This is meant for the dudes , but ladies feel free.

I was blessed to have had a group of gents , my dad’s friends that ,took me under their wings and shared with me things that they thought would help me in life !

Gents there are alot of young men , who could use the guidance of an older male. Even if it was simple like going fishing with a young man .

Young people are having to do crazy things in order to fit in with their peers . When in actuality I wish there were more people out there telling this young people how to be different.

Gents.. Black – Yellow- White… Make this the year you step up and start sharing some of your time with a young man who could learn something from ,what your life has shared with you !

Bless someone today….Share a few seeds of your knowledge !!