Action sports shots -Senior portrait style


Mom you middle schooler is now in High School . And because he or she have always played sports you want your child to keep playing . You’re thinking ..hey that could be a scholarship one day !

Those sports memories are awesome, as they play the variety of championships that sports can bring.

But Mom what means more to you ..those sports memories/moments. Or possible those Freshman/Senior portraits ?

As they became a Junior or Senior expenses start adding up ,hey graduation is coming quicker than you expected .

Mom what do you do…What is of more value to you !

Becoming more of a Creator !


Let me start saying this. I’m a #GaryV follower. If you pay attention to him, you will learn that he has a pretty good pulse on the world , and more so on the world of Entrepreneurship !!

That resonates with me, because I want my photography  to make more of a difference in my Community !  But lets face I ,m almost an OAP .So I have to listen to these younger people who know what they are talking about , as they try and make the world a better place !

So as 2018 comes into view…Becoming more of a Content Creator…That’s what I want to learn !

Which is actually at my core.. Using my photography to inform people, and let them know what happening in their  area !

MY web portal 

who’s dream are you doing ?

My Dad is on my mind this morning.

My dad was the first Entrepreneur that I met. He was always on a hustle. Growing up I thought it was just him trying to keep food on the table.

Sitting here today…I know for a fact,that the hustle was just part of his dream, his character.

So I ask you today..Who’s dream are you following ? Are you following something

that has been forged  by someone else ?

What’s wrong with your dream…Do you even have one ?

Create your own work…Because that is what fulfills you !

MY Dream

your Heart Music …Or are you so busy

That you’re not even paying attention to it !

Morning Creatives:

Most of us,have that thing that we must do. Then there are those who have to work out what their contribution to the World is supposed to be.

I’m one of those people,who did what I had too. I was responsible for 3 other people. Now that most of that responsibility has been lifted!

I find myself in a place where I need to listen to my Heart,and what its telling me.

But life is a crazy thing,always throwing alot of noise at you. Your heartsong plays softly just loud enough,to let you know ,that you should be thinking about/concentrating on something else.

Sitting here today ,my nearly 58 year old self.Would have told my 20yr old self.Simple to keep one’s options open as long as possible. Experience some stuff!

Experience some stuff…Find out exactly  makes your heart sing the loudest ! Also don’t be so busy that you can’t hear the song your heart is trying to share with you !

If you are blessed to have some of your older family members alive.Pick their brains,find out what their passion has been.Plus how they kept it going over the years.

YOur Heart Song is playing for a reason…Start paying attention to it  🙂




Create something new,daily !


What’s up Creatives … I pray your world is good !

You do not know who is watching your progress and your creative world comes together !I was thinking about this post earlier today. It came from a place where I was thinking about all the photographers I’m trying to compete against.

But then GaryV said something in one of his vlog’s. That made me thank ,that all I have to do is keep producing something of quality on a daily basis. so I say to you stop stressing.

Sit down and devise a plan that will motivate you to put out at least one new piece of art, one new piece of content!

Let me know if it works for you !!